Picture this in your minds eye, as far as your eye can see there are literally thousands of apple trees. The aroma in the air is wonderful, all you can hear are the sounds of birds and the distant rumbling of a tractor. This is a far cry from the glass of cider you will drink in the pub or at home, but this is where the whole thing starts and ends before you get your chance to sample the delights.

We visited THATCHERS CIDER, In Somerset, home for more than 100 years of classic quality cider making, and now a company that not only sells its cider across the UK but Globally. Our visit in September coincided with the beginning of the apple harvest. Our quest was to follow the apple from the orchard right through the process to the moment it was ready to be despatched to the lucky consumers.

It was a very enlightening day for us 'Old Gits'. We tried and, we hope succeeded in capturing the sights smells and sounds of what is quite clearly a product that is created with passion by everyone we met, to deliver a superb quality cider.

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