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As you all know we Old Gits love our pies (Who doesn't).


Oh just to make the point the pies we love are typically British, non of the namby pamby USA fruit pies.  Excellent quality savoury pies thats we what love and on many occasion we have been know to be eating our pies for lunch in the studio.

With all the above in mind we decided wouldn't it be absolute heaven if we could present our programme from a pie factory. Fortunately for us the nice people at Pieminister not only welcomed us to their superb production unit, they also provided a rather 'extra tasty' lunch. 

For more information look at the photos below (click on them to see them in full screen) listen to the show and imagine you are as we were on the day in 'pie heaven'.


Oh for more information on Pieminister pies, click on their logo above this will take you directly to their website. Or of course you could pop down to your local main supermarket and buy one for lunch, or breakfast or dinner or as a snack. Or like us Old Gits any time of the day is pie time.


On that thought its 'pie' time we got on with the show. 

Old Gits and Hits at Pieminister - Unknown Artist