Who are the Old Gits anyway?

You think you are getting old. Spare a thought for the Old Gits, when they started out playing music on the radio for at least one of them it was Medium Wave and then VHF, way before FM or Digital. 

Here are the first tracks we played on radio (that we can remember anyway). In no particular order. Not even age! 
Davids first track
Johns first track
Chris Criddles first track
Enough of the songs we arrived in radio with.  We spoke about how we are leaving this world and of course, music will play a key part for the 3 of us.
Chris Criddle has announced he is to record his own eulogy. When we have a copy we will share it with you here. Until then here are the 2 songs for the rest of the team.
Here is Davids parting song.......
Here is Johns parting song.......