Do you know someone who deserves to be an 'honorary Old Git'?

We now provide you with the opportunity of becoming an 'honorary 'Old Git'.


Yes if you would like to nominate you or someone you know to 'Old Git' status, you need to look no further.


Using our contact page tell us of the name of the individual, we will email back their very own 'Old Git' certificate, together with a scroll of information, relating to their status.


Or for a very special unique one-off experience. The 'Old Gits' will attend your event and personally present a framed 'Old Git' certificate. and scroll. Please advise when making your request, the date, place, and time, we will then let you know cost and availability. 


All individual 'Old Gits'  presented with their certificate, will be recognised in the 'Old Gits' Scroll of Honour.