Always up for a challenge, whenever and whatever, that could well be the 'Old Gits' Mantra. 


We were contacted by the manager of the Cancer Research store in Glastonbury (a wacky place by anyones imagination). Apparently on one particular show, we had  been talking about chaity shops in general and what bargains can be found in them, then one of us said maybe we could get a job as mannequins in a store window.  That is how it all started, we were invited as part of a fund raiser for Cancer Research UK to record one of our shows from the store and of course its window, as well as laying on for us a full range of clothing that could be purchased in store.

If you were unable to either join us on the day or our programmes or the podcast after, then this will provide a full insight into the 'delights' of the day. 

We are always glad to help charities and CRUK in particular looked after us well on the day. Hoepfully we didnt disrupt their day too much.

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